Aglow College of Science & Technology
Affiliated with The Punjab Board of Technical Education
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Welcome FromThe Rector


I am delighted that you are considering joining the AGLOW College of Science & Technology.


AGLOWis one of the leading institution in Punjab, with a well established reputation and a

wide range of interests and facilities.

AGLOW College of Science & Technology is distinctive.This has been recognized by the 

Punjab Board of Technical Education, Global Institute Lahore (HEC Recognized)and major players

of industry, with whom  we are working to promote higher education and propagate science &

technology in the country. We educate the students in a way that fosters technical 

excellence, originality and breadth of vision. We try to achieve our aims with the help of our 

qualified faculty, which is drawn largely from senior positions in industry ensuring that links

back into the commercial world are maintained and that students work on real problems, 

in real time, as in real life. This provides an excellent basis for career progression of our students.


If you come here, and we hope you do , you will be welcomed as a member of our

academic community.I know you will find the AGLOW stimulating, demanding and a very

exciting place to be in.