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Costs & financial Aid

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Payment Rules And Regulations

  1. The college dues written on the website are for the part you are taking admission. For the next parts, the college administration reserves the right to increase the college dues.
  2. The concession(if any) granted, would only be for the part you are seeking admission, furthermore, the concession in the college dues  means concession for deserving  students and  subject  to  the  submission of concession application on prescribed Application Form available from the College Office.
  3. It is the duty of the student to pay the all kinds of fee according to the payment schedule. The schedule of payment of the dues is subject to change.
  4. The term “college dues”  includes fine contributions, library charges, all funds etc.
  5. In case the last date of payment expires, Rs.50 per day would be charged as fine upto 10 days. After 10 days the defaulter’s name would be struck off and Rs.1000/- would be charged as Re- admission Fee.
  6. Any change in the payment schedule may be requested through application on the prescribed Form available from the college office. But this application must be presented before the last date of payment

Course Dues

Course Name


Monthly Fees

Yearly Fees

DAE Electronics

3 Years

Rs. 800/-

Rs. 28800/-

DAE Electrical

3 Years

Rs. 800/-

Rs. 28800/-


1 Year

Rs. 950/-

Rs. 11400/-


1 Year

Rs. 950/-

Rs. 11400/-

Auto Cad

6 Months

Rs. 950/-

Rs. 5400/- .... (6-Months)


-Board dues are not included in above fee.
-Dues for Special types of Computer Programs will be announced by the institute separately


Aglow Group Of School and Collages takes Reasonable fee from People because we seek to provide Education to Poor People too so they can benefit from it and serve Pakistan. Poor, Needy and Orphans are Provided with free Education.



Particularly For

Admission Fee

Rs. 1000/-

For All Courses

Workshop&Lab Funds

Rs. 1000/-

For All Courses

Library Fee

Rs. 300/-

For All Courses

Institution Fee

Rs. 500/-

For All Courses

Project Fee

Rs. 1000/-

For DIT & DCHE Only

Project Fee

Rs. 200/-

For Short Courses Only

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Characteristics Of Institution

The dues of our institute are very reasonable and can be paid in easy installments. We want to make sure that the students are able to afford the course they want to take. We do not want them to have to worry about paying their dues each month because they don’t have enough money.

At the end of each course, a review lecture is held. This lesson is a great way to refresh students’ memories on what they have learned, as well as give them the opportunity to ask questions and get answers from the instructors.

In consideration of  examination, we have arranged an exercise of monthly tests. This exercise would prepare for the annual examination.

Our education  policy is in accordance with the Punjab Board of Technical Education. we provide education according to the requirements of the market.

The institution has the provisions for evening classes. The employees working in Government, Semi-Government, Public and Private organizations are given preference for admission in the evening classes.


AGLOW College of Science & Technology has developed state of the technology IT infrastructure. Our computer Lab. is equipped with Latest computer , Printers and other accessories. Sophisticated software are also installed on them.

Other Labs & WORKSHOPS

The college has separate Electrical, Electronics Labs and a  comprehensive workshop equipped the latest testing and measuring instruments/Equipment. These labs provide ideal setting for hands on experiments.


AGLOW College of Science & Technology has a spacious and well planned library consisting of large range of  books and offers tranquil environment.



After successful completion of courses, certificates are awarded to all the passing students.


To pay homage to outstanding intelligent students, the college will award  Gold Medal, who stands first in all the three parts of  DAE in PBTE.

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