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VIDEO Editing

Learn to Edit Professionally by Using Adobe Premiere Pro.


In this amazing course, we’ll teach you how to edit videos using Adobe Premiere Pro.

This course is designed for beginners who want to learn how to produce videos that are engaging and professional-looking. You will be able to create your own videos using Adobe Premiere Pro, as well as use the software’s basic features in order to edit existing footage.


We’ll cover the basics of editing videos and how to use Adobe Premiere Pro. You’ll also learn about color correction, audio editing, and other important features that can make your video look professional and help it stand out from the crowd!

Finally, we’ll take a look at some tips for working with music in your projects, which is another way you can make them more impactful and engaging for viewers.


RS. 15000/-


3 months


Following are some of Many things we will teach you.

Having Basic Knowledge of Adobe Premiere Pro Interface is an Important thing. We will make it look Simple and Easy for you so you can work Efficiently.

Working with Multiple video clips can be a little messy sometimes.

We will make sure to simplify it. We will Provide you proper Guides about Every Feature.

Music is an Important part of any Video. So we will teach you  to use Proper Music at Proper time to avoid any Problems in the future.

Sometimes your videos can have Bad or Dull Colors. We will Teach you to Add Or Replace Colors in your Video to make it looking Highly Professional.

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