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Create a Professional Website.


Website Development Course is about Creating a Website using WordPress. You can create Websites of All Types.

This course will teach you how to create a website from scratch, from the ground up. You will learn how to create a website that works on all devices, including desktop computers and laptops, tablets, and smartphones. You will learn how to make your site mobile-friendly and how to optimize your site for search engines and social media marketing purposes. 

This course covers topics like. Creating responsive websites that work well on all devices. Making sure your site looks great on mobile devices and search engines Optimizing your site for social media sharing.

This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to create a website using WordPress and has no prior experience with web development.

If you ever dreamed to Make a Website of your own then this is the Perfect Place for you.

So Hop in the Course and Follow your Dreams.


Rs. 15000/-

Course Duration



Following are the Contents of this Course.

In this Section of WordPress Course, We will teach you How to make Posts/Blogs, Pages, Themes and Some other Basic WordPress Features.

Elementor is the Most Popular Feature / Plugin of WordPress.It is used to design our Website Pages however we want. Infact, All the Pages your are seeing on this Website have been made and Designed Using Elementor.

WooCommerce is one of the Most Important and Most Widely Used Plugin of WordPress. It is Essential for Creating an E-Commerce Website like Daraz and Amazon.

LearnPress is a WordPress Plugin that is used to make Online Classes or Courses. The Courses that you will study have been made using LearnPress.

We will teach you how to make Forms using a WordPress Plugin called WP Forms. The Form for Registering in a Course has been created using WP Forms.

We will teach you how to make Quizzes using a WordPress Plugin called WP Quizzes.

We will provide you with a Complete Guide on how to do SEO on your Website to make it rank High in the Google Search List.

To Ensure the Safety of your Website, We will provide you with a Proper Guide on How to Protect your Website from Cyber Crime. Furthermore, we will teach you some related Plugins that will help you a Lot In this case.

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