About us

Message From Principal

Welcome to AGLOW’s website. We hope you will find what makes our school distinctive here and in doing so are able to learn a little about where we stand now, what we have achieved in the past, and where we are headed in the years to come.

When students arrive at AGLOW they are given a sense of inclusivity, tolerance, respect, and responsibility that helps them achieve success and greatness in all aspects of their lives.

Many of our students begin their schooling at the Play group and continue with us. In that time they are asked to find new and expressive ways to contest -and distinguish themselves academically and become useful citizens of a our community. Students postulate in many ways to their school, and are encouraged to seek inspiration from their teachers, advisors, coaches, and class fellows. As a school we are always interested in the success of our students in areas where they are strong and those which they have yet to explore.

They also express a deep understanding of the traditions and values of AGLOW. The faculty and staff remain always- involved in the learning and growth of our students as the administration, parents, and the students themselves. They are also uncompromising in their high expectations of our students. Students at AGLOW embody a strong sense of service and giving which goes beyond charity and an interest and active role in this part of our community is what truly sets us apart. Academics, and athletics all manage to give way to this most crucial of all aspects of participation.

These pages highlight and outline many important aspects of school and our community but are by no means exhaustive. Please come and visit our campuses, attend classes, speak to students, teachers, and our administrative heads. There is no substitute which can help replicate the atmosphere at AGLOW.

I hope to meet you at school when you visit.