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Required for Admission

Following things are needed for Admission of Student.

  • 2 Passport size Pictures of Student
  • Copy CNIC Card of Father/ Guardian or Mother.
  • Bay form or Birth Certificate of the Student.
  • School Leaving Certificate(If Joined a School Before) 

Student RULES AND regulations

  1.  Students should be sent to the School on time. Entry will not be allowed after the Morning Assembly.
  2.  In Order to get a Leave or a Day Off, the student needs to give an Application to the Principal . The Application must have Signature of the Father or Mother.
  3. If a Student is absent for more than a week without informing the School Administration then his/her name will be Struck Off.
  4. Student will be fined RS. 50/- If the Student is absent without Informing the School Administration.
  5. Student will only be sent back home with the Family Members who have been Verified by the School.
  6. 10th of every month is the last day to submit the School Fee. If the fee is delayed then there will be Daily Fine of RS.20/- .
  7. Students should be sent to school with complete and clean uniform and a complete Bag.


See Syllabus of Each class